Borderline Personality Disorder in Teenagers: Symptoms and Management

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a severe mental health condition characterized by significant emotional instability and difficulty managing relationships. Though traditionally diagnosed in adults, recent research suggests that BPD symptoms can emerge in adolescence. This article explores the symptoms and management strategies of BPD in teenagers.

Symptoms of BPD in Teenagers

Emotional Instability

Teenagers with BPD often experience intense and rapidly fluctuating emotions. They may go from ecstatic to devastated in a matter of minutes. This emotional rollercoaster can be very distressing and often leads to impulsive behavior.

Unstable Relationships

BPD in teenagers can lead to turbulent and unstable relationships. They may quickly switch from idealizing a friend or partner to completely devaluing them.

Fear of Abandonment

A pervasive fear of abandonment is a classic symptom of BPD. Teenagers with this disorder may go to great lengths to avoid real or imagined separation or rejection.

Impulsive and Risky Behaviors

Impulsivity is a common characteristic of BPD. Teenagers with BPD may engage in risky behaviors, such as reckless driving, substance abuse, or unsafe sexual activities.

Self-Harm and Suicidal Thoughts

Teenagers with BPD may sometimes resort to self-harm or have suicidal thoughts to cope with their emotional pain. These behaviors require immediate medical attention.

Management of BPD in Teenagers


Psychotherapy is the cornerstone of treatment for BPD. Therapies like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Schema-Focused Therapy can be particularly effective.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is crucial in managing BPD in teenagers. Family therapy can improve communication, reduce family conflict, and support the teenager.

Skills Training

Skills training, particularly in emotional regulation and distress tolerance, can help teenagers with BPD manage their symptoms.


While there is no specific medication for BPD, some medications can be used to manage co-occurring disorders or specific symptoms, such as mood swings or impulsivity.

Final Thoughts

Recognizing and addressing BPD in teenagers is crucial. Early intervention can lead to better management of the disorder and mitigate the impact on a teenager's life. If you suspect your teenager may have BPD, seek professional help immediately.

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