Why Millions of People Use Group Therapy

Common Identity

Groups create a sense of belonging with people you can relate to.


Group therapy gives you a safe space where you can express yourself freely without fear of judgment.

Healthier perspective

Hearing other people’s stories helps you accept and contextualize your challenges.


Problems and solutions voiced in the group give you insights into your own situation


By seeing how others face their struggles, you are inspired to make your own changes.


Sharing with others encourages you to maintain the skills learned in the group.

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Lori Gottlieb

Grouport Clinical Advisor

Lori is a psychotherapist and the author of The New York Times bestseller “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.”

“Grouport provides a much-needed approach to mental health, making group therapy with skilled licensed clinicians accessible and convenient. Tailored to meet the unique needs of today’s world, this innovative group-oriented system empowers clients to feel less alone, develop critical relational skills, and gain support and insight they can apply to all areas of their lives.”

The Grouport Experience


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Consistent Group Members


Therapist Led

Personalized Matching

Relatable Community


Evidence-Based Approach


Focus on Diagnosis


Accessible Anywhere

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One Plan for Better Mental Health

Meet regularly in your weekly Online Group Therapy Session with your therapist and group members, in a comfortable and familiar setting, at an incredibly affordable price.

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Real Results



"I joined Grouport to work on myself and to heal. I’m learning so much at every session! The change I see not only in myself but in my fellow group members is abundantly encouraging and profoundly fulfilling. Group therapy with Grouport is a powerful healing tool."


Relationship Challenges

“Ability to discuss my issues openly in front of others and get feedback that I can use in the future” , “Wonderful opportunity and great pricing! Happy to have found Grouport :)”


Anxiety & Depression

“Liked working with Matthew the therapist. His insight and familiarity with the materials was really helpful. He was welcoming and happy to help.”


Borderline Personality Disorder

“I look forward to seeing the same group of people every week and helping each other out.”



“It's difficult for me to stay motivated to practice DBT and this group helps me. It helps me focus and practice DBT skills for an hour. I'm unable to do this on my own. And it's nice to be around a group of people for support.”


Anxiety & OCD

“I really enjoy the group sessions and Debbie singer is an amazing therapist. I would describe it as incredibly helpful and you get a lot out of each session especially if you actively participate.”


Anxiety & Depression

“It works well, it’s pretty effortless. I’m able to express my struggles and concerns to a group, and get practical feedback.”


OCD, Anxiety & Relationship Challenges

“I’m enjoying the group and learning some new things. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and a place to share listen and learn. Group is great as is the therapist! Highly recommend!”


Family Issues

“It’s been a useful forum for the family to meet and discuss problems with communication. Previously, people in my family were hesitant to really be honest, and this forum allows for that.”

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