Group Therapy During COVID-19

According to the American Psychological Association, group therapy has the potential to help individuals deal with struggles they are facing in their daily lives, ultimately culminating in positive lifestyle changes. Generally speaking, a group therapy session will involve a group of five to fifteen individuals who are led by at least one trained mental health specialist. Therapy groups usually meet at the same time and on the same day every week, and some people may opt to enroll in individual therapy sessions with a therapist to supplement the progress they are making in their group sessions. The topics covered by therapy groups can be general, such as helping people address anger issues or deal with self esteem issues. Or, therapy groups can deal with more specific issues, such as the loss of a loved one or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Grouport offers online group therapy that functions well within the constraints and risks of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Each of our incoming clients will have an initial onboarding Zoom call with a trained professional. Over the course of your twenty minute meeting, the therapist will get to know you and then match you with a therapy group that they feel is best suited to your needs. Each of our therapy groups meets once a week at the same time, and each session is approximately one hour long.

24 hours prior to your scheduled one on one consultation, you will receive a reminder email containing a unique Zoom link for your call; you will also receive new, unique Zoom links each week, also 24 hours prior to your weekly group meetings. Please be aware that you must be 18 years of age or older in order to use our services.

Enrolling in Grouport costs only $35 per week and can be canceled at any time. At the beginning of each four week billing cycle, we charge your card $140 and are able to provide you with monthly bills that you can submit to your insurance provider for out-of-network reimbursement. Our therapy groups are capped at twelve people, and new members will be added to a group until it reaches its maximum capacity. Each of our groups is led by a licensed therapist who is certified in addressing your therapy group’s specific needs.

Here at Grouport, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. At the beginning of each weekly meeting, your therapist will make sure to reiterate our strict rules regarding confidentiality that must be upheld during all of our meetings: what is said during your group therapy sessions, stays there. Furthermore, we only share your government name with your therapist. This gives you the option to go by a nickname during your group meetings; this can be set via Zoom during your initial consultation meeting. Additionally, participation is strongly encouraged but not required: you do not have to speak during your group meetings if you do not feel comfortable doing so. However, even if you choose to listen and observe during your group meetings, it is likely you will still gain major benefits from our therapy groups. We also use information software and video technology that is HIPAA compliant; it employs end to end encryption to ensure your information is protected.

You can find other Grouport related FAQs answered at the following link.

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