PTSD Therapy Groups Near Me

If you’re struggling with mental health issues, the American Psychological Association states that group therapy can help you make major improvements in your behaviors and experiences. Wondering what to expect? Group therapy usually has between 5-15 patients led by an experienced mental health professional every week. Your online therapy group will focus on tackling specific issues such as substance abuse, social anxiety, chronic pain, OCD, depression, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), among others.

Getting Started With Trauma Therapy

When it comes to trauma therapy, feeling supported with a solution that works for you is critical to getting back on track toward a happier, healthier future. Grouport offers online therapy for trauma to individuals 18+ at only $35 a week, which is much lower than the rates for traditional individual therapy (which ranges from $100-$300 plus!). While we currently don’t accept insurance, we can always provide you with your billing cycle invoices so you can send them to your insurance provider for potential out of network reimbursement (please note that the amount you are reimbursed may vary depending on your insurance company’s policies).

How To Enroll in Trauma Therapy Near You 

If you’re looking for trauma-based therapy near you, Grouport can help. After you sign up, you’ll have an initial consultation with a trained intake coordinator by video chat who will help you find the perfect trauma therapy group for you. The goal of your intake session is to really dive deep into what you need from PTSD therapy or trauma therapy so we can find you the ideal solution for your goals. 

What To Expect in Online Trauma Therapy Groups

Every trauma therapy group at Grouport is no bigger than twelve people, and your group will meet at the same day and time every week for an hour. You’ll receive reminder emails with a private Zoom link 24 hours before your online group therapy session, which is led by a licensed therapist who specializes in trauma therapy and other important mental health conditions. You are not required to actively participate in your online trauma therapy group, although we strongly encourage that you do. If you, however, prefer to observe and listen, that is totally acceptable and will likely still lead to positive outcomes from your experience in online group therapy.

Nervous about online therapy? Don’t worry! We take your privacy very seriously here at Grouport. All of our information software and video technology is end to end encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Each group session begins with your therapist establishing firm boundaries of confidentiality. You can even use a nickname during your group meetings if you prefer, as we only share your government name with your licensed group therapist.

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Remember that group therapy for trauma is just one of many different approaches to psychotherapy, and not every type of therapy works for every person’s trauma. But rest assured, studies conducted on online therapy groups show overwhelmingly positive outcomes from those who enroll. Are you ready to feel better?

November 30, 2021

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