Benefits of Online Group Therapy for Working Professionals

For working professionals like entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, lawyers, authors, scientists, accountants, and so much more, the daily strain of rigorous scheduling, deadlines, project management, people management, and more can be overwhelming. The daily grind can put a significant strain on the mental health of working professionals, which in turn can aggravate or even kickstart conditions like chronic anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and more. 

With conflicting priorities often vying for your attention, it can be easy to put your mental health on the back-burner as a working professional. If you’re also struggling to find time to be with your family or hold an active social life, it becomes even more difficult to remember to take time for self-care and healing. If you’ve ever considered therapy, you probably dismissed the opportunity due to the added strain of booking a session and traveling to and from the therapist’s office.

In-person therapy sessions are time consuming and expensive, and can be difficult to work into your life as a working professional. But, therapy should be a priority for anyone juggling periods of high stress, because avoiding facing the need for support and mental health care can cause lasting damage to your wellbeing, your friendships, your coworking relationships, your family and your self-image. It is truly critical to find the time to prioritize the care you need to navigate the big wide world of professionalism without putting an increased strain on your mental health. 

This is where online therapy groups become a game-changer. For working professionals, online group therapy is much more convenient and affordable than traditional one-on-one therapy, and is an easy and flexible solution for those balancing a busy work life while still making an effort to care for their psychological wellness. 

Below are some of the benefits of online group therapy for working professionals.

Online Group Therapy is Flexible

If you’re juggling a daily workload laden with meetings, deadlines, objectives, travel, team huddles, networking and more, convenient solutions are something you can’t live without. Online group therapy provides a mobile, flexible solution that can fit perfectly into your busy scheduling needs. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can attend online therapy from just about anywhere. No more missing sessions or skipping them due to travel obligations, scheduling changes, and time restrictions. You can choose a time that works for you every week and log in remotely from anywhere around the world (even your car or office). 

Online Group Therapy is Effective

More and more research is illustrating the efficacy of online group therapy in comparison to in-person therapy. There is no “lesser” standard of care in online therapy, and in fact - many people report having a greater sense of ease in sharing information from the comfort of their home or office, rather than sitting in a foreign environment with a stranger. While it may feel like a default to vent to coworkers, friends, or your partner, you deserve qualified and professional guidance from a therapist and a community of individuals who understand the challenges you’re facing. In your online therapy group you can learn how to activate healthier coping strategies in your day to day life, better methods to managing stress and anxiety, and ways to mitigate impulsive decision making, depressive episodes and more. Online therapy attendance can significantly improve your ability to communicate with others around you, to set healthy boundaries, and to increase your resiliency during periods of high stress at work or at home. 

Online Group Therapy is Secure

Online group therapy platforms are required by law to follow the same HIPAA compliance practices that govern in-person therapy sessions. All attendees will be required to sign confidentiality agreements, and sessions are required to be held over HIPAA-compliant software in order to ensure your privacy. You’ll never be asked to share personal identifiers (like location, real name or last name, family information, etc) and every session is led by a licensed mental health counselor who understands the laws around group therapy. Your therapist wants to ensure you feel safe opening up with others in this environment so you can learn and grow effectively.

Online Group Therapy is Supportive

Working professionals often feel isolated on an emotional level, and don’t have the time, energy, or right types of friendships to share what they’re going through. Online group therapy is a surrogate family of sorts that provides a sense of support and community which can decrease that sense of isolation, and in turn minimize symptoms of anxiety, depression, and more. Online therapy is also a safe and comfortable place to practice the skills you’re learning each week before you take them out into the real world. 

Online Group Therapy is Affordable

Whether you’re a corporate executive raking in six figures or the CEO of a startup watching your cash flow and investments, online group therapy is a much more affordable solution. While in-person therapy traditionally runs between $100-$300 a session, most online group therapy averages closer to $30-$40. Keep in mind that online group therapy isn’t cheaper due to a lower standard of care, but because therapists can charge lower session rates for group counseling due to seeing multiple patients simultaneously, and a lower overhead (no office, utilities, travel, etc). 

How Online Group Therapy Works

If you choose to move forward with online group therapy, keep in mind that it is not a “support group.” In fact, all online therapy groups must be led by qualified, licensed mental health counselors such as therapists, psychologists, or clinical social workers, just like in-person therapy. 

Online therapy group sessions are usually held once a week for about an hour through a chat room, voice call, or online video chat platform (like Zoom). Your group will likely have a core focus such as BPD, PTSD, grief, anxiety, depression, or another mental health condition. This helps create a sense of understanding with those around you struggling with similar issues, and it allows the therapist to guide everyone through exercises and skills training that benefits them in real life.  

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