Grouport Therapy Session Guidelines

Excited to get started? So are we! Here are a few simple guidelines you’ll want to follow to ensure a seamless therapy experience for you and your group.


Be Prepared: 

Start by downloading zoom before your Grouport session so you can be ready for the video call with your therapist. Your private session link will be available as soon as you log into your member dashboard, and will also be sent by email 24 hours before each session! Every session is completely private, so we recommend joining with your video on to help build a sense of community.

Be Consistent: 

We know schedules can get busy, but consistent attendance is proven to make a huge difference in your growth & success over time. Make sure to set reminders so you can join your sessions promptly - we don’t want you to miss anything, and being on time shows respect to your therapist and other group members!


Be Present: 

In order to make the most out of your therapy session, we ask that every member silence their phone to avoid interruptions. Try to also stay seated or in one place to avoid distractions for you and other Grouport members. If you’re using your phone for the zoom call, disable text or call notifications in settings to avoid interruption.


Be Confidential: 

Everything shared in your Grouport therapy session is confidential and we ask that you and your group protect each other’s privacy by avoiding sharing any personal information, stories, or struggles outside of the group. We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing. 


Be Respectful: 

As you get used to the flow of group therapy, try to make sure you’re on mute when you aren’t speaking to diminish background noise. Make an effort to listen to others without interrupting, and offer respect to everyone in your group. 


Be Patient: 

The path to better mental health isn’t always a quick one - it’s important to prepare yourself for the ups and downs you may experience as you do the work! Just remember that sticking with your therapy pays off as you grow to experience life-changing results. Believe in yourself and be patient with the process. You can do it! 


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