The Top 10 Benefits of Group Therapy

No matter where you’re at on the road to positive mental health, your treatment needs are unique and your online group therapy experience should be, too. Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with a specific mental health disorder like OCD, anxiety, depression, or PTSD, or you’re currently struggling through symptoms of grief, loss, substance abuse, or trauma - we’re here to help. 

While one-on-one therapy works for some, online therapy groups can be an ideal option if you’re looking for a healthier perspective alongside a group of people who provide a sense of belonging. The common identity and understanding provided in online group therapy (led by experienced therapists) offer an incredible sense of purpose and accountability that can help you recover faster and stick with your goals long-term.

The benefits of group therapy you can expect to experience include the following:

1. Groups provide solid support.

Struggles and challenges are inevitable for everyone, but a solid support system can help. Online group therapy is the perfect option if you’re looking to grow your support system while helping others to develop theirs. The support you receive in online therapy groups is provided without judgment, negativity, or distraction. Instead, the support is based on each individual’s own experiences with a similar diagnosis or situation… people who can truly understand you! 

2. Groups provide unwavering accountability.

Taking care of ourselves can sometimes feel like an endless series of ups and downs. Some days feel great, while others are nearly unbearable. Sharing your story with others in online therapy groups and working together to create healthy coping mechanisms allows you to stay accountable to your goals for the long term. When you have a strong and trusted group of people who care about your success, it becomes harder for you to give up on your plans. Accountability matters, and that’s something that online group therapy provides.

3. Groups dive into self-discovery.

When’s the last time you decided to dig at the layers of your experiences and choices to understand who you are on a deeper level? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone, but online group therapy can help you get there. By diving into guided conversations and effective exercises in your online therapy groups, you’re more equipped to navigate the road to self-discovery and better mental health.

4. Groups are an easy first step on your healing journey.

Now that you understand a little more about your mental health diagnosis or struggles and are ready to get started on your journey, we know you want to get to a place of healing. Online group therapy is a powerful place to take the first step. Remember that your group is a great place to express yourself openly to people who understand all the stages of emotions you may be experiencing. This is an easy segue into the level of self-care and healing you deserve!

5. Group sessions cost less than individual sessions.

One of the best benefits of online group therapy is that the costs are shared between all in attendance, which lowers the total individual cost without reducing the effectiveness of support and healing. On average, an individual treatment session costs around $150-$200 an hour, while online group therapy runs about $50-$100 an hour per participant. For Grouport, this cost is even lower!

6. Group therapy helps improve your social skills.

Many people who are diagnosed with mental health disorders struggle with a constant fear of social interaction and judgment. Online therapy groups help reduce or eliminate that fear by encouraging you to interact with your peers in a safe and supportive way. In addition, regularly attending online group therapy can help reduce feelings of isolation and stigmatization while building a genuine sense of connection..

7. Group therapy provides you with a personalized experience.

Because online therapy groups are tailored to your specific diagnosis, your group experience will feel personal and meaningful, since you’ll be surrounded by peers who understand your feelings and validate your emotions. In a sense, your online group therapy sessions will act as a personal sounding board to share your feelings and experiences with others and receive constructive feedback and healthy coping strategies to help you thrive.

8. Group sessions provide you with a common identity.

Another benefit of online group therapy sessions is that they provide a sense of community by connecting you with people you can deeply relate with. Common identity fosters a feeling of belonging and inclusion, which creates a space that feels open and engaging for you to share your deepest thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

9. Group therapy gives you a healthier perspective.

Whether you’re dealing with short-term mental health struggles, long-term trauma, or a life-long diagnosis, a healthy perspective is critical to navigating the ups and downs of this journey you’re on. Online group therapy provides you with clinically backed perspectives that help you keep moving yourself forward. In addition, hearing others’ stories in online therapy groups helps you contextualize your challenges, and realize you’re not alone.

10. Group therapy keeps you motivated.

One of the final benefits of group therapy is the feeling of being continually supported. Leaning into a community every week that wants the best for you and understands what you are going through helps keep you motivated to do what’s best for you and to learn to cope in new, positive ways that can be life-changing in the long run. 

Whether you’ve been on the fence about joining online therapy groups, or are hoping to find a new outlet to express yourself while finding the support you need, online group therapy with Grouport can help you take the next step toward a healthier, happier future. Whether you realize it or not, you are capable of learning to share your experiences with others, explore healthy coping techniques and gain valuable perspective to help you on your healing journey. Learn more about our online group therapy sessions now.

Learn more about our group therapy sessions now.

October 19, 2021

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