The Proven Effectiveness of Group Therapy

At first, the idea of participating in online group therapy might seem intimidating. You might be thinking, “who wants to share their story with strangers”?

But in reality, online group therapy can be very beneficial, and group therapy members are often surprised by how rewarding their experience is. Sharing can in fact be a remarkably healing process.

We have plenty of online therapy groups to choose from, so it’s important you’re in the right one for you. If you’re open-minded and ready for deep inner work and reflection, online group therapy is one of the best ways for you to accomplish that.

Remember, it takes time to notice significant changes in yourself. Below are some of the amazing benefits of online group therapy for you to get excited about!

7 Benefits of Group Therapy

1. Consistent support: Hearing from others with similar issues helps you see that you’re not completely on your own. This brings you a deep sense of relief and community.

2. Community bonding: Group therapy is meant for long-term mental healthcare. The community bond that is created by online group therapy sessions reinforces everyone’s commitment to the process and holds members accountable even when they may “not feel like it” that day.

3. Renewed perspective: Your online therapy group members will be able to listen to your situation with a fresh perspective, and weigh in. A wider range of perspectives exists in group therapy than is available in individual therapy.

4. Success stories: Hearing how other members successfully overcame their fear or obstacle can be inspiring and motivating. People are prone to push themselves harder when they see success around them.

5. Socialization skills: Group therapy can ease a sense of isolation and give you the opportunity to practice re-engaging with people in a safe environment who really understand what you’re going through.

“Group therapy sessions can help provide a sense of comfort, safety, and familiarity,” said Les Greene, editor of the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy.

6. Affordable care: A common misconception is that since group therapy costs less, it must mean it’s not as good, but that's not the case at al!! In fact, it is more powerful in many ways. You can get the treatment you need and deserve, at a much lower price point, and with a number of additional benefits.

Gary Burlingame, a professor of psychiatry at Brigham Young University, said, “If you have equal treatment that costs less than individual treatment, why are people not using it more frequently, especially in these economically challenging times. It’s a puzzle.”

7. Self-awareness: The members of your group become your mirror. Group discussion is a way for you to uncover those blind spots that are blocking your ability to overcome life issues and destructive habits.

Maximize your success by taking a pledge to try group therapy, participating every week (even on those days you don’t “feel like it”), and sharing your meaningful experiences in order to help others and yourself!

When you picture online group therapy, think of a fun, social, interactive setting where a group of peers open up to each other about a common battle with mental health. Whether you suffer from anxiety, OCD, substance abuse, or something else - we have a safe and supportive group curated to meet your needs and goals. 

How does Grouport work?

Grouport is a new mental health service that brings people together who are struggling with similar conditions.

✔️ Small groups of 12 people maximum meet 1x a week

✔️ Every session led by an experienced mental health professional

✔️ 60-minute online video sessions

✔️ Proven to help members contextualize their challenges, learn coping techniques, and reaffirm a commitment to therapy.

Who is Grouport for?

Grouport is for everyone. With an affordable cost and simple, consistent schedule, Grouport is a realistic solution for regular people who are looking to improve their mental health without splurging or rearranging their entire life. New members are known to adjust quickly to the group therapy setting, because people who are struggling mutually benefit from receiving and giving support. The group dynamic reinforces the space for bonding, growth, and learning from others that is lacking in one-on-one therapy.

However, Grouport can also be a supplemental treatment for anyone already attending individual therapy. It can be a complementary place to practice new skills in action and learn from the shared experiences of others. A crucial part of the healing process and improving ourselves is staying committed and being fully present and engaged with our Grouport meetups.

Just like when we exercise and get a good night's sleep, we must include our mental health in that “Do It Daily” mantra in order to create and solidify healthy habits and consistency. So make sure you check out our full list of groups to find the one that’s right for you!

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